Uluguru Mountains

The Uluguru Mountains are spectacular forested mountains near Morogoro Town. There are no hotels actually up in the mountains themselves but camping is possible near the villages of Tegetero and Bunduki. With the highest peak at over 2300m, Uluguru provides an escape from the heat of Dar es Salaam.

  • Birding & Hiking: Excellent
  • Best time to visit Uluguru : June - November
  • How to get to Uluguru: you have to drive.
  • Safari types available: Walking Safaris only

Uluguru combines well with both Selous and Mikumi for those on a longer driving safari. Uluguru is also suitable for an adventurous weekend out from Dar. Notable birds include the Uluguru Bush Shrike.

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The most alluring feature of Morogoro Town is the dramatic backdrop of the Uluguru Mountains. The climate is more agreeable than that of the coast, sometimes feeling quite cool in the evenings. There is quite a laid back atmosphere, even in the busy agriculture markets. There are a couple of decent restaurants in town. Most travellers who stop here do so because they plan to hike in the mountains as part of their Tanzania safari.

Tegetaro village is high in the Uluguru Mountains which are part of the Eastern Arc Mountain range. They have a high degree of endemism, particularly for birds (Uluguru Bush shrike etc.) and amphibians. If your Tanzania safari is trekking orientated then this is a location for you to visit. The mountins are very steep and this is only for experiennced walkers

Hikes vary in length from day excursions to several days hiking whilst camping in the forest.

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