Rubondo Island & Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in Africa. There are spectacular sunsets, traditional villages and great fishing opportunities. Rubondo Island National Park is in the south-western corner of the lake about 150 km west of Mwanza. It provides an unforgettable experience for visitors, combining the breathtaking panorama of a forest refuge with the relaxing serenity of sandy lake-shore beaches.

  • Big game:Good
  • Birding: Excellent
  • Best time to visit Rubondo and Lake Victoria: All year is excellent tough it rains in April and May.
  • How to get to Rubondo and Lake Victoria: you can drive or fly.
  • Safari types available: boat safaris, walking safaris and fishing.

Rubondo is home to several large mammals such as Sitatunga (a swamp-dwelling antelope), chimpanzees, hippos, colobus, and suni antelope.

Rubondo Island is superb for for birders, with 430 species documented on the island including the highest density of fish eagles anywhere in the world.

Main visitors are mainly game fishermen and bird enthusiasts so this area is not that busy.

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Being the largest lake in Africa and the wildest fresh water body in the world,lake Victoria is shared by three African countries namely Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda. Activities that seem to be attracting most of the tourists include fishing,boating,bird watching,tours to tribe villages, and wildlife experience in national parks such as Rubondo Island national park.

Rubondo Island, in the southwest of Lake Victoria, provideds an unforgettable experience for visitors. At 240 square km Tanzania's tenth national park combines the breathtaking natural beauty of a forest refuge with the relaxing tranquility of sandy lakeshore beaches.

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Birdwatching at Rubondo and lake Victoria

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Fishing from Rubondo Island

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Rubondo Walking Safari

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