Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is one of the best big game parks in Tanzania. It has remarkable scenery and provides excellent chances to see big cats. In Ruaha lions, leopards, cheetah and wild dog are the main predators but you can also see serval and caracal if you are lucky. Ruaha is home to several notable birds including the Ruaha red billed hornbill.

  • Birding & Game Viewing: Excellent
  • Best time to visit Ruaha : June - October and December to March
  • How to get there: you can drive or fly to Ruaha
  • Safari types available: Walking Safari and Game Drives

Ruaha is fairly remote and getting there takes a couple of days or a $330 each way plane ticket. This means Ruaha is not that busy and you will frequently be the only car on the landscape.

Ruaha has various different levels of accommodation available in and just outside the park. These range in price from the park bandas at around $50 a night to $800 a night luxury lodges.

We highly recommend that you combine a driving safari to Ruaha with Mikumi and Udzungwa National parks as this breaks up your journey nicely.

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Ruaha National Park extends for over 10,300, to the west of Iringa. Ruaha is often described as the country's best-kept secret. As the southern circuit slowly opens up Ruaha will become very popular, but at the moment it is still inaccessible enough to keep away the big tour groups, and has an untouched atmosphere.

Rungwa game reserve is located on the Northern part of Ruaha national park. It covers an area of 9000 sq km, situated in Manyoni, Singida region. The Game Reserve Ecosystem extends to Ruaha National Park which is the second largest wildlife area in Tanzania. It is a widespread reserve covering large part of central and west Tanzania. The composition of Miombo woodlands and hills, that are mixed with patches of forest along the streams and the Mpera River valley, makes it the best big game viewing to the visitors. Famous for its large maned Lions, big Buffalo, Leopard, Sable, Roan, Eland, bush-pig, ostrich, warthog, Greater Kudu, Baboon, Ratel (honeybadger), Jackal, and Porcupine, Rungwa is the trophy hunters' choice. It is regarded to have largest concentration of bird species who feed themselves in Usangu valley. With the combination of classic luxury, breath-taking scenery and terrain make hunting for big game the most memorable experience.

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Walking Safari at Ruaha National Park

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