Mtwara has increased in size rapidly over the last few years due to the oil and gas developments in the area. It is the most southerly Tanzanian town before the Ruvuma River marks the border with Mozambique

  • Snorkelling & Diving: Excellent
  • Best time to visit Mtwara: June - December
  • How to get to Mtwara: you can drive or fly
  • Activities available: Snorkelling, diving, fishing and sailing.

Mtwara itself is a rarely visited southern part of the country. There excellent beaches and world class diving in Mnazi Bay Marine Park. This is possibly the best in Tanzania. There is also the historic old town of Mikandani to visit. Mtwara is home to the Mkonde tribe who are famous as wood carvers. The Mokonde pateau may be visited as a day trip from Mtwara.

There are a range of hotels available in Mtwara and early booking is essential due to the oil and gas traffic.

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Lindi is a seldom visited town half way between the historical coastal towns of Kilwa and Mtwara. It is located at the far end of the Lindi Bay, on the Indian Ocean in south eastern Tanzania. Lindi is a sea side town and was an important port for traders and travelers during the early days. It was best known for trading in ivory, beeswax, mangrove poles and rock salt which is still mined today. The Lindi region borders on Pwani, Morogoro, Ruvuma, and Mtwara. Much of the western part of the region is in Selous Game Reserve (which is also Africa's largest protected wildlife reserve ). Lindi was also home of Asian community who traded in grain, sisal and cashew nuts and several examples of Asian inspired architecture.

Mikindani (or Mikandani) means 'young palm trees' in KiSwahili. Mikandani is an old historical Swahili town, with over 50 ruined building dating back to pre-colonial times. It lines the shores of Mikandani bay, a safe and secluded harbour to the north of Mtwara - the regional capital.

The Makonde plateau is home to the famous wood carvers whose crafts can be found in all of the tourist, souvenir and ornamental shops throughout Tanzania.

Mtwara is the capital of the southern coastal region of the same name. It is an excellent location for unspoilt beaches, diving, Mkonde and Rubondo plateau excursions and is definitely "off the beaten track"

The Rubondo plateau is a large flat plateau similar to the famous Mkonde plateau, but on the northern side of the Lukiledi valley.

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