Mkomazi National Park

Mkomzai National Park is an infrequently visited national park set between the slopes of the Pare and West Usambara Mountains and Kenya. The name means ' scoop of water' in the local language as there is little water to be found in the park. This makes it a good location to see dry season specialists.

  • Birding & Game Viewing: Excellent dry habitat specialists
  • Best time to visit Mkomazi: June - March
  • How to get to Mkomazi: you need to drive
  • Safari types available: Walking Safari, Game Drives

Mkomazi is home to the fringe eared oryx and the gerenuk as well as wild dogs and a medley of notable birds. There is a rhino sanctuary there also. Accommodation in Mkomazi is limited to camping and Babu's camp.

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Mkomazi National Park is the southern extension of Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Together they form one of East Africa's most important savannah ecosystems, characterised by the semi-arid conditions of the Sahal Arc. The reserve covers an area of 3710 sq km east of Kilimanjaro and north of the stunning Pare Mountains.

The Pare Mountains are the northern-most range of the Eastern Arc, (apart from the Taita Hills which lie in Kenya). They are very undeveloped for tourism, although they lie within view of Kikilmanjaro. Several hikes can be arranged, in cooperation with the cultural tourism programme. The upper slopes of Mount Kindoroko supports the largest relic of forest in the range, where you may see several species of primate.

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